Our Services

We are an industrial supplier of coatings and related support, primarily for manufacturing or assembly facilities.

We adapt coatings to customer requirements.

We recognize that every finishing process is unique in terms of equipment, environment, process and end product requirements. We provide stock products, but are happy to work with you to optimize your coating solution.

In addition to manufacturing the coatings, we do:

  • Color Matching
  • We can supply premixed colors or a formula you can use to mix in house.
  • Product Support – New or Existing products
  • Project Engineering/R&D

With an appropriate forecast, we can typically produce and ship your custom order within 5 working days.

Any of our products can be tailored to work with virtually any application method.

We have the capability to customize coatings for other application methods and equipment.

Custom projects have included coating:

  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Leather
  • Plastics

Got a project you need help with? Give us a call!!